Hello Badlanders!

This Friday, November 13, 2015. We started with a beautiful fireworks display, concocted by choocola. We migrated to the community build (that was recently finished, thanks builders!) and began the serious discussion!There were 22 people at most online and we began by stating a heartfelt goodbye for meta badlands, as we usher in a new era! The server will be converting to a more updated version and we are currently discussing whether or not we should update to 1.8 or wait for 1.9 and also are holding a discussion about whether or not to have a fresh map change. Some are concerned with the loss of items and builds; but most are excited to bring on a new map full of new things! We have also promoted a select few! EB rank was awarded to YUMMYspecial, Avita_Creator, coastergeek25 and modub605! Congrats guys! On top of those promotions, we have the addition of our second deputy officer! Welcome to our new staff member, Kite546!

But wait! There's more! We have also had the pleasure of promoting Tex215 to Admin. Noting that he is firm in his beliefs and is reliable, as well as helpful, I am excited to throw down an emphatic congratulations! Great job Tex215!

With all the new ranks and submissions of applications it is easy to get lost in good feelings but a more serious matter is and was at hand. We are changing things around and would like your input! We are considering a more faction and prison related theme (this suggestion went over well, we are excited for new opportunity on the badlands.), as well as considering RP as a viable theme. The RP world is finished and the outlines on ranking and progressing were discussed by Tilta_Earl, the admin in charge of the RP world. For more clarity and details, please feel free to peruse the video link provided. message our very own Tilta_Earl on the forums if you have even more questions about RP world, and please message YUMMYspecial if you have further questions on prison and factions! I'm sure either, or any staff member, would be excited to help! All will be discussed further, so make sure to check back on our discussions!

One more thing: we are considering changing our economic currency to something intangible, rather than the outdated gold system we have in place. Please comment with your suggestions; any ideas, concerns, or feedback are very much appreciated.


Mega_cat_lady Make it so ender chests are safe would make so many people happy, including me
NIGHTMARE210 OFC Tilta Looked depressed in that photo as Tex as getting promoted...