We want YOU!

Docithe OWN posted Tue at 22:43

Hallo Badlanders!

Hope everyone is enjoying 1.8 so far! As most of you have seen, this update has increased our server traffic considerably. Unfortunately, that fact combined with a few of our staff members stepping aside for personal reasons has been stretching us a bit thin. Thus, we are now looking for a few community members to become Badlands Officers!

What does an Officer do?
Badlands Officers are the enforcers of the server rules. They are essentially players with extra responsibilities. They are expected to represent the server in a positive fashion and uphold the decisions of the leadership team. Officers are expected to be active in-game and on the forums. They help new players become registered members. They must also know all the rules and enforce them in accordance with the listed punishments (see the rules thread linked below for details). Officers will also be able to participate in all staff discussions (on skype and on the forum) and help make server decisions.

Am I qualified?
As long as you are a mature, responsible Badlander who has been highly active on the server for 1-2 months, you are qualified! (Just keep in mind that neither this job posting nor your being qualified guarantees you will get it!)

How do I apply?
Either click on the button on the main navigation bar or click here!

If you have any questions, please check out the forum post here and ask anything you like!

See you in the Badlands!


Schroeder226 OFC Wow! That's a low price!
heraldoflight DOF It's a Christmas miracle!
Tilta_Earl ADM i can't believe this margarine got promoted to butter