Casino Night!

Docithe OWN posted Apr 21, 16

Hello Lovely Citizens of the Badlands!

Are you feelin' lucky? Is all of that cash just burning a hole in your pocket? Well this is the event for you! We're all gonna head down to the ACE Casino and Hotel for a night of fun and gambling! It sports roulette, dice games, a sushi bar, and an amazing race track.

So bring your horse and bring your wallet down to ACE on Saturday, 30 April 2016 @ 9:00 PM [EST]! We're gonna raise the stakes and take some risks!

See you online!


*Leave a comment if you think you can make it!*

Beks_Omega OFC
Beks_Omega @ MC Badlands
Thanks to everyone who came it was our largest turn out and it was super fun!
NIGHTMARE210 Oy I better be getting royalties for this post and event
bimbercackle OFC I will not be gambling, but I will be there to watch and support ;O