Calling all Pixel Artists!

Docithe OWN posted Dec 9, 14

There's only one place you can go where you can find Pokemon, Majora's Mask, and Deadpool all together!

The Pixel Art Flats is accessible via a handy, ultra-high-tech instant locationifier button located in spawn's town center. Grab an inventory full of wool and clay and come build a towering two-dimensional mural of your favorite character, scene, or person! The flats have plenty of room, and their ease of access ensures your work will be seen and admired.

I hear Bimbercackle can hook you up with some wool. Shh, you didn't hear it from me!

- Avita_Creator

aperture97 It's terribly fancy.
robosaurus2089 I can't believe it's not butter!
bimbercackle OFC Made Vegeta! Can't wait to play ...