Games of the Badlands: PVP
Within the Minigames World, there exist a number of games. Some pit you against the world, others against luck. In the PVP Arenas, you face your friends!

We have two arenas currently in operation, though you'll certainly notice a portal under construction in the lobby for a third.

Littleton is a post-apocalyptic city, with fires and pitfalls all around to remain mindful of as you hunt for your foes among the tall buildings, either as a deadly swordsman or a sneaky sniper.

Osiris' Realm is set in and around an enormous pyramid; you start inside amongst a befuddling maze; any corner could potentially be hiding your opponent! Outside, you will face off on the enormous slop of the pyramid while prickly cactus and magma monuments exist as ever-present hazards.

The PVP arenas are command block operated only. You will have to supply your own weaponry and armor, so be smart about what you will need and are willing to lose. Once you're in the arena, the only way out is death! (or... /spawn...)

So grab some friends and start beating the crap out of each other! The fun is still 100% guaranteed!
Article by Avita_Creator