Hello! And welcome to the MCBadlands Article Enrichment Center! I'm Avita_Creator, ex-officer and retiring journalist of the MCBadlands. You may know the staff as vital participants in the 2014 hearings on indentured authors. You may also play on the server we regulate but that other people have managed to cause drama within. Woolsome can eat my---...

Anyway, I am here to propose a beneficial deal to the citizens of the Badlands. We need articles, and you need gold blocks! Now you may be wondering, Avita, what rules and standards must articles meet? I'm glad you asked, but first, let me answer your question with a question: Who wants to make 10 GOLD BLOCKS per posted article?

The MCBadlands needs articles promoting the builds and events of public interest to the citizenry. While you may wish to write an article about your... I dunno, what do people build nowadays? Butter castles? Dirt towers? Whatever you all might make, regardless of its 'epicness,' we're not looking for self-promotion so much as we are articles of interest to the community as a whole. Events, community builds, dates of interest, that sort of stuff. Every article you write that gets posted will earn you a grand 10 Gold Blocks! Private Message Docithe with questions and/or submissions!

As ex-officer and retiring journalist of the MCBadlands, I look forward to seeing your upcoming articles. Please be sure to take your combustible butter with you after you drop off your articles.


Docithe OWN No sir. Avita doesn't have perms to post news articles, so I post them for him.
boot819 wait is docithe=avita..?
boot819 W O W